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Hydrated lime:
            • hydrated lime in bulk -90 μm
            •hydrated lime in bags
            • minced quicklime -90 μm
            • metallurgical lime 5-15 mm
            • metallurgical lime 15-45 mm
            • metallurgical lime 0-65 mm
            • sand; 0-4 mm
            • sand; 4-8 mm
            • sand; 8-16 mm
            • sand; 16-32 mm
            • tampon; 0-30 mm
            • crushed rocks; 30-60 mm
            • broken rocks; 500-1500 mm
            • sand; 0-4 mm in bags
Calcium carbonate filler (Rock Flour):
            • Calcium carbonate filler 90 μm
Calcium precipitate:
            • Calcium precipitate: 2 μm


In IAK company we understand and accept, that quality is one of the most important strategic goals both in production work, where we produce quality products, as well as to reduce negative impacts on the surrounding environment because of the nature of our production.

We devote much attention to the quality of our products. In accordance to internal rules on the provision of quality, we perform constant monitoring of products during the manufacturing process.

All products are analyzed in our own laboratory and in the laboratories of the University of Ljubljana. We also store all samples of our chemical products in our archives in accordance with internal company rules. Our products meet all necessary standards and we have obtained all necessary certificates from authorized institutions.

One of the major business objectives in 2008 in this area was to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management system.