Manufacture of lime

Environmental concern


Employees of our company are aware that we must cultivate a respectful relationship with the environment in which we work and live. We are well aware that the nature of such production is burdensome to the environment, but this does not diminish our responsibility for it. In 2007 the company made significant funding on environmental issues. Such a policy towards the environment will continue to grow.

In december 2009 the IAK company acquired the IPPC environmental permit, in accordance to INTEGRATED POLLUTION CONTROL PROGRAMME.

In 2007 we also started implementing the reorganisation plan to reducing noise in all levels of our manufacturing process.


We reduced noise at following sources:

  • technological plant for sand grinding
  • technological plant for the manufacture of lime
  • technological lime grinding plant
  • technological plant for the production of rock flour (Calcium carbonate filler)
  • other machinery and equipment

In 2007, we completed the plan for dusting prevention on certain devices, which begun in 2006.

O2 Emissions


The chemical nature of the lime production process (CaCO3 → CaO + CO2) is CO2 intensive. Although the IAK company is producing CO2 within the permitted quantities, we always strive to reduce our emissions even if we are not legally bound to do so.

This is also the main reason, why in 2006 we commited to building a production facility for the use of our CO2 emissions in a further production process, namely - the Precipitated calcium production. We are now returning a part of ourCO2 emissions back into the production process.